Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miley's Been Tamed: Blog Post 3

Miley Cyrus- Can't Be Tamed

This student-created production is covered under the Fair Use codes US copyright law. Specifically, Section 107 of the current Copyright Act and Section 504(c)(2) cover the educational-basis of this video production. The production is intended to be a transformative remake, aiding in both student and public media literacy.  The use of copyrighted material is in the service of constructing a differing understanding than the original work, which according to Section 110 (1) (2), is to be treated as a new cultural production. This student-production is in no way limited to the protections provided by the Fair Use codes stated above due to the many other sections of the current US Copyright Act, which also include the principles of Fair Use.

Please refer to Fair Use principles when re-posting, quoting, and/or excerpting the video-production posted here.


  1. I think your group did a very good job for the remake of this video. Your use of text makes the point your trying to make much clearer. I think it was a very good idea to show how Miley has changed over the years and how she influences teens today. The only weakness I could find is that some of the texts/pictures appeared for a short period of time. I think that they could have been shown for a few seconds longer so people get a better chance to see the texts and images

  2. “Can’t Be Tamed”
    Rachael, Amy, Mike, & Hannah--
    Your revision of Rachel’s remade “Can’t be Tamed” was quite good and made a great remake even better! I thought some of the clips that were included made more sense with the added contextualization of the text on screen; however, some of the clips were seemingly recycled for hypothetical-story-scenario sake than necessary. Miley Cyrus is a perfect example of a marketable child-star, whose marketability continued as she’s grown up; however, the marketability of Cyrus is emblematic of our culture, which equates women with sex and objectifies them for profit (in a predicable way). It would have been helpful if you continued on that line instead of the “dad phone call” as a substitute for the hypothetical sister in jail scenario.
    I was glad to see you made use of additional images and used some of the ones that were once at the end, throughout the remade video.

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